eBook Cover Design and Conversion

As you probably know, the sale of eBooks  has eclipsed that of print books.
If you're an author who wants to bring your latest work to the millions of Kindle, Nook and iPad readers you need an eye catching cover and your Word or PDF document has to be converted into a format that these devices can display. We provide you with both of these essential services so you can stay focused on what you do best: writing your next book.


The time you put into the creation of your book is precious to you, don’t drop the ball at the very end of the process: with a home cooked cover, and using a faceless corporation to convert your manuscript.
If your book doesn't get noticed on-line, or your documents aren't professionally laid out, you will have done a lot of work for far less return than you expected. A book professionally prepared for today’s highly competitive marketplace doesn't guarantee sales, but a poorly presented book will pretty much guarantee a poor return on your investment of time and effort.


First and foremost, you will need an eye catching cover for your ebook or paperback.
We can take care of that for you by using your artwork and photos or by using stock photos. I will discuss the theme of your book with you and get your thoughts about how you envision your cover. I will then work my magic using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to produce a gorgeous cover you can be proud of and that will stand out on the crowded Amazon and other seller websites at their thumbnail size.


Document conversion is best handled prior to site uploading.
Some sellers allow you to upload your Word and PDF documents directly to their sites where they put them through a computer driven process to convert them to reader ready ePub or Mobi file formats. This is certainly the least expensive route, but it is not the wisest because the result often falls well short of expectation.


We layout your original document in Adobe inDesign and make sure it looks its best prior to conversion. After conversion, we check the finished files to ensure they meet current standards for all major booksellers. We then do a final review on a Nook, Kindle and iPad to verify that they look amazing.


Once we're satisfied with your book cover and file conversion, we send you the completed products for your review and sign off.
We then make all agreed upon revisions to the cover and converted documents. When completed, we will send you a variety of cover sizes as required by all of the major book sellers along with any other sizes you may need for promotional use on your web site, Twitter and Facebook accounts at no additional cost.


We guarantee all of our work and will not invoice until you are fully satisfied with the completed project.





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